Friday, September 16, 2005

Being intentional

Do you know that you create memories for your children whether you are try to or not?
Do you know that you are a role model to your children whether you put forth the effort or not?
Do you know that you are passing down your values and belief system whether you intend to or not?
Kids are learning about life in the environment of the family. As they grow and develop they are learning-
How to treat people
What family looks like
How money is managed
What to value
How to take care of their physical health
What's important
How to organize time and belongings
How to handle conflict
And much more. They are observing and absorbing ideas, information and values from their parents primarily.
So it pays to be intentional about what kind of environment we provide for them.
Someday they will answer the question for themselves "What does family mean to me."
What will their answer be? Will it be
Family is about going to the mall for recreation.
Family is about everyone busily going in their own direction all the time.
Family is about grabbing a bite to eat whenever you get the chance and woofing it down in front of the t.v.
Family is about being the one to make the most noise to get what you need.

Or will family be about

People who love and support one another
people who think I am great just as I am
A group of people where everyone works hard and plays hard.
Providing a place where others want to be.

Think about your children for a moment as adults asking themselves "What does family mean to me." Think about how they would answer that question based on the experiences they have within their family right now. What would that answer be?
What do you hope that answer to be? By thinking through what you want family to be you can start right now to be more intentional about creating the type of environment you want your children to grow up in. You can't make a plan until you know where you are going, so create one sentence about what does family mean to me.
And start today to take the little steps to create an environment that moves you in the direction of family the way you want it to be.